Android 21: Origins, Abilities, and Role in Gaming

This article explains who Android 21 is and her role within the Dragon Ball universe.

Key takeaways:

  • Android 21’s appearance reflects her complex personality.
  • She has a tragic backstory and a dual nature.
  • Her abilities include absorbing powers and energy manipulation.
  • Android 21 is versatile and unpredictable in battle.
  • Every encounter with her is a unique challenge.


Android 21 stands out with her distinctive appearance that merges human-like traits with mechanical elements, typical of the Dragon Ball series’ depiction of androids. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are a vivid blue, often exuding a scholarly yet mysterious vibe, symbolized by her glasses. Known for her versatility, she transitions from wearing a lab coat, reflecting her scientific expertise, to more dynamic battle attire, emphasizing her dual nature as both a scientist and a warrior. Her overall aesthetics mirror her complex personality, encapsulating brilliance and a hidden dark side poised for combat. This intricate design not only makes her visually appealing but also highlights her multifaceted character, blending intellect and power.


She hails from the universe of “Dragon Ball,” originally introduced in the video game “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” Conceived as a brilliant scientist with knowledge paralleling the protagonist’s own tech genius, Bulma, Android 21’s backstory is tinted with tragedy and complexity. Her human life was marred by catastrophic events driving her transformation into an android. This character also has a unique dual nature, oscillating between a benevolent scientist and a malevolent entity influenced by her biological makeup, which includes cells from various fighters and intelligent beings from the “Dragon Ball” series. This split personality plays a pivotal role in her actions and motivations throughout the game’s storyline.


Android 21’s abilities set her apart from other characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Not only does she possess immense strength and agility, but her intellectual prowess as a scientist enhances her combat techniques. She can absorb the powers of other fighters, effectively copying their abilities and adding them to her arsenal. This skill makes her unpredictable and highly adaptable in battle. Additionally, her energy-based attacks, such as the Photon Wave, showcase her ability to harness and manipulate energy, making her a formidable opponent. This blend of brains and brawn makes every encounter with her a unique challenge.

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