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Welcome to This Makes Style, your premier destination for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of popular trends. In a world where trends come and go with the wind, our mission is to not only keep you updated but also to dive deeper into what makes each trend tick, how it influences society, and why it matters to you.

Founded by a group of friends passionate about fashion, technology, lifestyle, and culture, This Makes Style is more than just a blog; it’s a community. Our founders realized early on that understanding trends isn’t just about keeping up with the latest fashion or tech gadget; it’s about connecting with a movement, embracing change, and expressing oneself in the most authentic way possible.

Our team comprises writers, trendsetters, analysts, and, most importantly, real people who live and breathe the dynamics of change. From the streets of Tokyo to the fashion runways of Paris, we scour the globe for trends that are making waves and bring them straight to your screen. We believe in thorough research, engaging storytelling, and, most importantly, an honest perspective that respects and appreciates the diversity of thought and expression.

What We Offer:

  • Fashion Insights: Dive into the latest fashion trends, from haute couture to street style, and everything in between. Learn what makes a trend tick and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.
  • Tech Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with updates on the latest gadgets, innovations, and tech phenomena shaping our world.
  • Lifestyle Evolution: Discover how evolving trends affect our daily lives, from the food we eat to the way we travel and the art we appreciate.
  • Cultural Pulse: Get a finger on the pulse of cultural movements, from cinema and music to literature and art, understanding how they reflect and influence societal trends.
  • Community Engagement: This Makes Style is not just about what we have to say; it’s about fostering a community. We invite you to share your insights, experiences, and opinions on the latest trends.

Our commitment to you is to provide content that is not only informative but also enriching and inspiring. We believe that understanding the “why” behind a trend makes for a more meaningful connection to the styles and innovations that shape our world.

Join us on this journey as we explore the fascinating world of trends. Whether you’re a fashion aficionado, a tech enthusiast, a lifestyle maven, or a culture buff, there’s something here for everyone. At This Makes Style, we’re not just observing trends; we’re living them.

Welcome to the family,
The This Makes Style Team